Scholarships Now Available

The Alabama Chapter of SWANA is pleased to announce that we are now offering scholarships to college students and graduating high school seniors. Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to one or more recipients in amounts not to exceed $5,000 per individual (individual award amounts are based on funds available each year).

Scholarship Application Instructions

I. Deadlines

March 1st - All completed application forms and back-up documentation must be received by the Chapter.

Announcement of Scholarship recipients will be made no later than August 1st.

II. Scholarship Awards
A. Eligibility

Scholarship applicants must be graduating high school seniors from a high school in Alabama who have been accepted for enrollment in a college or university, or currently enrolled full-time college or university students who are pursuing a degree in environmental science, engineering or other suitable major related to solid waste management.

Applicants must be the child or grandchild of an Alabama SWANA member, or must be sponsored by a member.

Incoming freshman must have a minimum ACT score of 16 and should submit a letter of acceptance from their intended institution with their application.

Currently enrolled college students can be in any year of study (freshman through post-graduate) and shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in collegiate courses to be eligible for the scholarship.

Students must be enrolled full time as defined by the college or university.

B. Awards

Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to one or more recipients in amounts up to $5,000 (the total amount of available funds may be split among one or more individuals).

Recipients should contact SWANA Alabama Chapter directly at 334-260-7970 with questions concerning scholarship payments.

Any past scholarship applicants may reapply for the scholarship as long as they continue to meet the qualifications.

III. Completing the Application

Each applicant will be required to submit the completed application form and all back-up documentation to the Chapter by March 1st.

All applicants must complete the entire form and applicable Appendices. Illegible applications or applications without proper signatures will not be accepted. If more space is required to document awards, citizenship qualifications or extracurricular activities, these forms may be copied.

The following back-up documentation must be included with the application:

  1. SAT /ACT /Achievement Test scores
  2. Current grade point average
  3. High school or college transcripts
  4. 500 word essay

If the applicant is a graduating high school senior, it is also preferred that an acceptance letter from an accredited institution is included with the application.

Applicants have the responsibility for verifying that their back-up documentation has been received by the Chapter. A telephone number will be provided so you may verify that your materials have been received. Please leave sufficient time for the institution to process and mail your request. Be aware that if you miss the deadline (March 1st) for submittal of your application and back-up documentation, you will be disqualified.

Alabama SWANA Office, P.O. Box 240757, Montgomery, AL 36124. PH 334-260-7970. FX 334-272-7128.


Scholarship Application Form

Please submit the form below to begin the application process. All fields are required.

Please attach to this application a Certified High School or College Transcript, SAT/ACT/Achievement Test scores, and a copy of your college/university acceptance letter.

By typing my name in the box below, I verify that the information entered in this form is true to the best of my knowledge.

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